Our project is a subtle architecture of relations created by the trade unions of your like-minded people
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The founders and leaders of the Love.ka project are two women of different breeds, mother and daughter - Lyubov and Lina. Like-minded professionals, girlfriends - they broadcast through themselves, really implement projects, two different views, two best solutions to one problem. The problem of loneliness in a big city.
Founder and ideological inspirer of the Territory of Dating and Business Communications "Love.ka".

An expert in interpersonal relationships, an expert in the field of beauty and youth, a professional matchmaker.

Love is a unique woman. A storehouse of female wisdom and jewelry precision in the selection and compatibility of pairs. She has dozens of created family unions, adopted children .. Getting to her for a consultation, training or individual accompaniment in the search for a partner is a great success!
Founder. ideological inspirer
My goal, goal and mission is to change public opinion in the field of dating. Show the honest and efficient work of professionals, a new, modern approach to finding couples. The institution of marriage must be revived, family traditions restored, and my Dating Territory was created precisely for this.
— Love
Certified lawyer, graduated from the faculty of jurisprudence of Moscow State Law Academy. O.E. Kutafin in criminal specialization.
Studied International Law at A&M University in Texas, USA.

A born perfectionist with a heightened sense of justice.
Lina works mainly with the younger generation, as she believes that the problem of choosing the ideal partner concerns not only middle-aged people.

The illusion of choice, one-day relationships, the absence of obligations and the candy-bouquet period - everything has been replaced by memes and emojis ...
I want to destroy the imposed stereotype, I want to convey to my generation the importance of family values, the birth of children in complete families, where peace and love reign. I want to be a happy wife and mother, and in my environment I want to see as many of the same family-oriented people as possible. Our project is a great tool for realizing my dream, my life's work!
— Lina

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